Summer Sale 2024 Guide for Leather Goods and Fashion Accessories Retailers

Summer Sale Guide for Leather Goods Retailers
Are you a leather goods retailer? Taking advantage of the summer sale to clear stock and renew your collections of bags and fashion accessories is crucial for your business. However, with intensified competition from large franchise brands in your area and online discount retailers who heavily advertise during the sales, specific strategies are needed to stand out. Here's a detailed guide prepared by Tom & Eva to help you maximise your sales during the summer sale, tailored to your specific situation.

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Crafting a Successful Brand for Your Leather Goods Shop

Crafting a successful Brand for Your Leather Goods Shop
In this article, we explore the essential elements of a strong brand identity for leather goods business owners. Discover how to bring your brand personality to life through creative displays, maintain consistency across platforms, and develop strategies for cultivating profound brand loyalty.

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Why Micro Handbags Are A Must-Buy For 2023

TOM&EVA micro handbag
Micro handbags are smaller versions of the typical handbags that many of us are used to. Over the last few years, they have increased in popularity, as you can now see them almost everywhere on the runway or even walking down the street. It certainly becomes a must-buy item for 2023.

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