Frequently Asked Questions

Tips and Answers of TOMEVA

Why i can't see the price?

To protect our customers, prices are only visible to registered and approved customers. They are hidden from ordinary visitors. This allows customers to determine their own retail price based on their situation in order to ensure sufficient profit margin.

I don't have a VAT number, how could i create an account?

For the client who sale only in social media or VAT number is requiring, you can fullfil 'no' or something else to escape this stap.

How to create an account?

Click on Sign Up on the right top corner on your screen. Fill required informations then click on submit. We will confirm your registration as soon as possible. Tom & Eva is a wholesale company, which means we do not accept any personal purchase without VAT number, or company number..

How long it will take to confirm your registration?

The validation will take 24 hour. if you've waited for more than that, please feel free to contact us directly by following informations:

Tom & Eva
Tel:+33 (0)1 48 11 68 66
Fax:+33 (0)1 48 11 67 68

How to purchase?

To put a product in your shopping cart: Select the product that you are interested on the product category page, then select the color and the quantity that you wish, then click on "Add to Cart"

You can continue your shopping experience or just click on the right top corner "BAG" to checkout. Our minimum purchase is fixed at 100 euro.

How to change my pass word?

Click on"Account" on the right top corner of your screen, then click on account information, check the box change Password

Sign up for newsletter?

On your Account page, Click on Newsletter subscription .

In which countries do we deliver?

Generally, we deliver in Europe, North Africa, and French oversea states.

Which payment method that we use?

Credit cards , Paypal,  and Bank transfer.

Is it safe when I pay

Make sure on your payment page, there is always a "s" after http prototype such as https:// For more info please click here

Why my order has been cancelled?

The payment has been rejected by your bank, normally it is the first order in our site and due to the policy of security payment. You will have to call your advice of bank to resolve this issue.

How long it will take for delivery

From Monday to Friday,
it depends on the pick up date chose by the carrier, but we always try to make it shorter.

What kind of mail that I will receive once I have placed my order on

A confirmation of your order
An invoice
A confirmation of shipment

How to track your order?

If you have chosen EXAPAQ or COLISSIMO, we will send you a track number.
If you've chosen your own carrier please contact them directly.

What are the different statuses of my order?

In progress: we prepare your order
Finished: order shipped, its tracking number is filled in by mail
Canceled: the order is canceled.

How to contact us?

Tom & Eva

Tel:+33 (0)1 48 11 68 66

Fax:+33 (0)1 48 11 67 68


Where to find out the items out of stock?

Styles or bags that are out of stock are often the best sellers.

If you want to know which styles sell out the quickest every month, you can find them in the 'Best Sellers' subcategories of the 'Collection' section in the menu.

Typically, the items will often off line from sale within 2 or 3 weeks because they will be out of stock.