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Legal  Information.

The website is published by FDM SARL (A LTD Company) with  a capital of 76224,51 Euros,

registered at the  Paris Commercial Chamber with the number 403 155 823 RCS PARIS,

whose the TVA number is FR 89 403 155 823, It’s head office is located at 32 rue turbigo 75003 Paris France.

Privacy politics

  • What personal information are collected ? collects our customers information by using cookies. Your purchased items, selected items or your navigation behaviours, and so on, could be recorded to help us provide better service. 
  • How will information be used by the company ?
We will use these information to help us improve our advertisements' quality, more precisely, we will use collected data to launch some remarketing or retargeting campaign based on our user's shopping behaviours or other social demogratical criteria.
  • How will this information be transferred to third party companies ?
We are working with data analyse companies like Google and Adroll, or other third party companies. Collected users' information could be sent to these companies, by using cookies, and other tracking technics.
  • How do we use cookies ?
When visitors are navigating on our website, and when they have logged in on our website, cookies begin to record data. 
Instructions on how users can modify or delete their personal information.
User can modify their personal information once they have connected on our website.
By using following link:
If a user needs to delete his acount, please contact us  directly :
  • Instructions on how users can opt out of future communications.
If user did not agree for any of these pratices, he or she can contact us directly by using following information :

Tom & Eva

Tel:+33 (0)6 46 76 84 17

Fax:+33 (0)1 48 11 67 68

we will opt-out you from our marketing database, and we will contact third party companies to stop collecting your personal information.