We all love love stories ... What if we start telling you about ours?

It begins in 1995, in Paris, city of love and romance. A padlock hanging at the Pont des Arts, two young lovers, a passion for leather goods and 13 years later the birth of Tom & Eva.

For more than 10 years, we want every woman to fully experience her love story. And to accompany him every day in his hectic life, it goes without saying that his bag is his best ally. Whether she takes him by the hand or near his heart, a lifelong confidant, his bag accompanies him in every moment of his life.

But who is behind the woman Tom & Eva Paris? Simply the reflection of this Parisian soul who lives in each of you. A bubbly, intrepid, bohemian and trendy woman who breaks the codes with this natural elegance. From essential pieces to timeless, elegant cuts, from small to large, there's something for everyone.

Tom & Eva is also a committed brand, advocating through its collections, the defense of animals and respect for the environment. This is why our bags are made from synthetic materials with the attention to detail and the reduction of plastic packaging by staying continuously in this eco-responsible approach.

We are keen to think that every bag has a story to tell.

And you, what will be yours?

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