ON  TOMEVA.FR  You  can  pay  your  commands  by  Paypal  or  VISA CARD



When you place your order on our website, the payment page is secured by VISA or Paypal. These pages are not based on our website, but on Bank or Paypal's secured server.

Which means, you are putting your codes on a 100% secured page. Our Bank "Crédit du nord" has their Internet payment security experts as same as Paypal.


When the transaction amount is higher than 1000 euros, please send us an bank payment transfer.



The 3D Secure feature enables the shopper to enter a password to confirm their identity with the card issuer. If accepted then, they complete their order, so you have much more confidence that is genuine and real.


Main Key Benefits

 1. Added protection from fraudulent payment                2. Allows you to trade online more safely

 3. Enhances shopper confidence and spending          4. Reduces costs from fraudulent chargebacks


You  are  protected  by :