General Sales Conditions

General Sales Conditions  applicable for

  • Art.01 - Object
  • Art.02 - Products
  • Art.03 - Order
  • Art.04 - Payment methode
  • Art.05 - Delivery service
  • Art.06 - Intellectual Property Right
  • Art.07 - Litigation
  • Art.08 - Data privacy politicies


The website (le "Site Internet") is made by TOM & EVA.
The company is registered as a  "SARL""Co.Ltd" company with 76 224,51Euros capital, registered at  Paris with the following  company number 403 155 823 R.C.S PARIS,

Our european VAT number is FR 89 403 155 823,  our head office is located at 3 rue de la haie coq 93300 Aubervilliers.

We can be contacted by following informations :

Tel number: 01481168665 (Available from monday to friday from 9.00am to 18.30am at paris' time) - Fax : 01 42 71 21 54 Email:

Working time :  From monday to friday from 9.00am to 18.30am at paris' time)

Preamble :

The following sales term is concluded between TOM & EVA and all the company desiring purchase on (Here in aftereferred as 'the two Sides )

The two sides admit that the sales conditions govern exclusively their relation. TOM & EVA reserve all rights to change and update promptly this sales conditions, which will be applicable while the website is online. 

In case when a term of our sales conditions were fail, the existing french legal terms for e-business sector will be applied. 


01 - Objet

These sales conditions is aimed to define the selling modality between TOM & EVA and users on, these conditions is applicable from the payment procedure to after sales services, which includes delivery service.


02 - Products


Products governed by theses sales conditions is those which is showed on, and which is selled and deliveried by TOM & EVA.

They are offered under their availability. Products are presented as accurately as possible

However if errors or omissions comes, the responsbility of TOM & EVA could not be engaged.

Photographs of products are not contractual.


03 - Order

To see our collections on, user should log in with his email adress and his password. User should follow the registration procedure which will be confirmed under 72 hours for the first use.


The price :

The price indicated is on Euro without taxes, and delivery fees. When delivery fees is charged by TOM & EVA, it will be clairly indicated on theinvoice.


05 Command's validation

All orders placed remind that the price, delivery method, payment method, and products' descriptions , and these sales conditions and terms are accepted by user.

TOM & EVA will validate commands by sending a order's confirmation mail.

In certain cases, specially the failed payment, wrong adress or other problem presented on user account.

TOM & EVA reserve all right to suspend the order, until the problem is resolved.


04 - Payment methods :

User can choice the following payment methods,

- Bank transfers
- Paypal
- Credit card


05 - Delivery service :

5.1. Delivery service for France and international.

Article 5.1.1 : Delivery service for France:

To ensure delivery service, user should choice a delivery mode and engaged to pay delivery fees.

Article 5.2 : Receipt of the goods by the Customer

Article 5.2.1 : Delivery of the goods to the address indicated by the Customer

During  ordering, the customer has the option to choose freely the delivery adress where she will receive the order. The command is sent to the address designated by the Customer.

TOM & EVA can not take responsibility if the customer has put a wrong adress for delivery.


Article 5.3 : Delivery time


In all the case, TOM & EVA will prepare the order in 48 hours, in condition that the order is confirmed by TOM & EVA, and after payment receipt.


Article 6 : Intellectual Property Right

TOM & EVA is the owner of all texts, website's general structure, images with or without animation. graphics and sounds, and more generally the entire contents of the website.

Intellectual Property has any representation or complete or partial reproduction of the content, by any means whatsoever, without the consent of TOM & EVA is illegal. It is the same for the translation, adaptation or transformation, arrangement or reproduction by any method.

Conforming to the article L122-4 of french intellectual propert's law, any reproduction complete or partial of the content, without the consent of TOM & Eva is illegal, It's the same for the translation, adaptation, or transformation, arrangement, or reproduction by any method.

Violation of  any Article L122-4's provisions indicated on the French Intellectual Property Code constitutes an infringement in the sense of the Article L335-2 on the Code, which is a crime that can be prosecuted. When the offense was committed by an organized band, the penalty is increased to five years' imprisonment and a fine of 500 000 EUROS.

TOM & EVA is a brand registered, which means any logos displayed on the Site are registered as a part of the trademark. The reproduction, imitation, use, location, removal or modification of a trademark constitutes an infringement may be punishable by a fine of 200,000€ .

Nothing in these Conditions of Sale and Use shall be construed as granting to the user of the website a right to change the protected intellectual property elements that TOM & EVA could have ownership or exclusive right to exploitation.

The user who has a personal website and wishes to place, for personal use, on its website a direct link to's homepage, must to use prior express written authorization  to TOM & EVA, In any case, this link can not be interpreted as an agreement implicit.

In any event, any link, even tacitly authorized, must be removed at the request of TOM & EVA.


Article 7: Litigation

Any legal action shall be brought in front of the jurisdiction located around TOM & EVA's registered office.

These General Conditions of Sale are submitted to French law.

 Article 8: Data privacy politicies

  • What personal information is collected. collects our customers informations by using cookies, your purchased items, selected items or your navigation behaviours, and so on, could be recorded to help us provide better service. 
  • How this information will be used by the company.
We will use these informations to helps us improve our advertissement's quality, more precisly, we will use collected data to launch some remarketing or retrageting campaign based on our user's shopping behaviours or other social demogratical criteria.
  • How this information will be transferred to third party companies.
We are working with data analyse companies like Google and Adroll, or other third party companies, collected users informations could be sent to theses companies, by using cookies, and other tracking technics.
  • How we use cookies.
When visitors are navigating on our website, and when they have logged on our website, cookies begins to record data. 
Instructions on how users can modify or delete their personal information.
User can modify their personal information once they have connected on our website.
By using following link:
If user need to delete their acount, please contact us  directly :
  • Instructions on how users can opt out of future communications.
If user are not agreed for any of these pratices , he or she can contact us directly by using following information :

Tom & Eva

Tel:+33 (0)6 46 76 84 17

Fax:+33 (0)1 48 11 67 68

we will opt-out you from our marketing database, and we will contact third party companies to stop collect your personal informations.